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 The Critical Action Planner started out as a tool to help me organize my chaotic life. I was always the person with a million things going on at once. I would say yes to everything and anything and try to juggle it all at once. This caused me to take a little longer to complete some things and worse forget I committed to others.This issue sparked my search for a better way to be more consistent at completing the things I needed to and be more reliable when I told someone I would do something for them.


I started out like many others making to do lists. These worked great until I realized I was walking around with ten lists on the go and was still double and triple booking myself. One day I was sitting at my kitchen table sorting through about 15 sheets of paper trying to figure out what my week was going to look like when I realized I could consolidate everything into as little daily planner. Over the next year I slowly changed the planner to the point that I was planning for events over a year out. That is when I had the realization that I was thinking too small. I now realized that the more detailed I was with my plan the more likely I was to follow through. At this point is when I started working towards building something more than just a daily planner, I could build something that changed that way I prioritized different areas of my life to finally achieve all the things I had only dreamed about in the past. From that point on I was building the Critical Action Planner. 


Over the next year and a half I mapped out a plan that broke my life down into 8 parts (Financial, Personal Skills/Education/Hobbies, Health, Relationship, House/Living Environment, Career/Work, Visualization/Spirituality and Contribution). Then I looked at each part in different time increments (yearly, monthly, weekly and daily). Slowly created a product that I felt was very effective at helping me both realize what I actually wanted in all areas of my life, as well as helped me stay on track to actually achieve these things. At this point I realized I had a product that could help anyone like me that needed a little more structure and planning to help them follow through on their goals and achieve their dream life. 



June 1, 2021 was the launch of the Critical Action Planner. There were a lot of ups and downs along the way to launching the first edition of this planner and I'm sure there will be many more in the future. I look forward to providing the best product and service I possibly can to anyone looking for a tool to help them achieve their biggest goals. Our mission is to help everyone realize that all their goals are possible.  The bigger the goal the more time, planning and execution it will take to achieve. The only question is how long must you consistently execute on achieving your goals before they become a reality. 


What does the future hold for the Critical Action Planner? 

-Constantly striving to improve the quality of the products and services we deliver

-Hard cover options

-Different color options  

-Additional products to help you achieve your dream life


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